Our Staff 

Iolene (Director)

My name is Iolene. I have been blessed with three beautiful and healthy daughters.  I graduated with a B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences and a minor in Child Psychology. Good Shepherd was a great place for my youngest daughter, Anabelle, to start her school experience. I have been with Good Shepherd since September of 2011 when I became the Toddler Teacher. It was a wonderful experience. I am now working in the office most of the time, however, I still interact with the children on a daily basis.

Maria (Teacher)

My name is Maria.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in Poland in 1989.  Throughout my career, I have had a lot of enriching experiences with children Aof various ages.  I live with my husband, Eric, and my daughter, Julia and a dog.  I love teaching children about the wonderful things that God has created for us.  I have been here at Good Shepherd since May, 2002.

Becky (Teacher)

My name is Becky. I live with my four children. I began working at Good Shepherd in 2011, first as a teacher’s assistant and later as the music teacher. As of July 2013 I began teaching the Toddler class. I’ve now obtained my Child Development Credential and starting September 2016 I will be teaching the Pre Kindergarten class.

Shirley (Teacher)

My name is Shirley.  I was born in Ecuador.  God has blessed me with my husband, three daughters and one son.  I am studying for a CNA Certificate Nursing Assistant.  I love to teach and spend time with my family. I have been working at Good Shepherd since March, 2013 and I enjoy teaching here and showing each child how God loves us.

Kerri (Teacher)

My name is Kerri, I live with my husband and our four amazing children. I grew up in Brooklyn and attended Georgia College and State university before finishing my B.A. in Childhood Education/English at Saint Francis College where I was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi international honors society for educators. I've been a Girl Scout leader since I was 18 and I student taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten in Staten Island for a year before relocating to NJ. I love working with kids because they are hilarious and force you to always look at the world in a million different ways. It's always an adventure!

Marjorie (Teacher)

My name is Marjorie. I was born in Costa Rica.  I live with my husband and 4 beautiful daughters. I have spent many years as a babysitter/Nanny and I enjoy spending time with children of all ages. I started working at Good Shepherd Preschool in September 2017 and I am very grateful for the opportunity. In my spare time I enjoy baking with my girls.   

Alba (Teacher's Assistant)

My name is Alba M. I have two children their names are Antonio and Karla. They are the most beautiful gifts that God has given me. I love and adore them with all my heart.  I have two Bachelors in Accounting and Speech and Language (University Carlos Albizu Campus, San Juan Puerto Rico. I worked for 7 years in a Help Center for children with Disabilities, where they offer therapies to children with developmental delay. My goal when working in the Day Care is to show all the love I have to work with children. Also want to gain experience in my professional performance in my area of work because I love the children and I like to learn from them and teach them many things new.

Katya (Teacher's Assistant)

My name is Katya. I have been blessed with my husband and three wonderful children. I was born in Costa Rica and have been living in NJ for 19 years. I have worked as a babysitter, Spanish Tutor and Office Assistant. I started working at Good Shepherd in November 2017 as a teacher's assistant. I love teaching children and watch them grow and learn.

Kim (Teacher's Assistant)

My name is Kim. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Connecticut. I worked in business for 13 years prior to staying home with my children. I have been working at Good Shepherd Christian Daycare & Preschool since 2014 as the Music Teacher, Teacher’s assistant and Substitute. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students, parents and faculty. I live with my husband and two daughters.

Cinzia (Cooking Teacher, Assistant)

My name is Cinzia, I grew up in Italy. I attended Liberal Arts School in Venice and five years of Architecture. I live with my husband, two children and many pets. I have been working at GSCDC since February 2013 as the Cooking Teacher. In addition I substitute and coordinate the activities for the Aftercare children. I've completed my Child Development Credentials. My hobbies are bricolage, sewing and fixing my kids broken toys. I enjoy the company of children. They are always a surprise.

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Christine (Assistant)

My name is Chris. I have five children between the ages of 24 and 6 years old. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have been working in Childcare for 15 years. I started working here at Good Shepherd Christian Daycare and Preschool August 2018 and I am fully enjoying it and looking forward to all the new adventures that await me.

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