Summer Theme Weeks 2020

Our summer themes are designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact & stay active during the summer months.  Developmentally appropriate games accompany each theme & enhance what your child has already learned.  We will also have sprinklers twice per week (Tue, Fri) Join us for an educational fun filled active summer!  


Ocean Explorers (July 6-17th) Enjoy a week of fun exploring Oceans. We will investigate the incredible creatures that inhabit our oceans and seas. We will discover Coral Reefs, Ocean Tides and Currents. Let’s dive into Marine Biology and Ocean Conservation! We will immerse ourselves into bubbles, smiling sharks, clown fish and magical mermaids. You’ll be “Shore” to enjoy yourself.


Camping Week (July 20-31st) Summer is a time for camping out under the stars, snuggling up in a sleeping bag and roasting marshmallows over a campfire. This week’s theme will bring the fun of camping to our classrooms. So pitch your tent right here and settle in for a learning adventure.


Dinosaurs Den (August 3-14th) Dig deep into the past and walk through time as we learn about Dinosaurs. Learn how the largest reptiles flew, ran and swam and about the theories of why they went extinct.  


Pet Week (August 17-21st) Come visit our Pet School.  We will be learning about which animals make good pets, how to care for them, understanding that they are living, feeling beings that need care and attention. We will have visits from our own favorite pets during our Pet Parade. As a community service will run a donation drive for our local Animal.


Real Super Heroes (August 24-28th) It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No- it’s the Real Super Heroes to the rescue. We will wrap up the Summer by learning about Police, EMT, Firefighters, Doctors and more. Don’t forget to bring your secret super powers! Don’t be surprise if you see some of these Super Heroes visit our school!

 Pizza Days

We offer Pizza Lunch about twice a month. If you would like your child to participate, please drop off $2.00 to your child's teacher in the morning. If your child normally leaves at 12:00, he/she may stay an extra half hour to take advantage of the Pizza Day. The charge is $4.00 for the extra half hour. Or $5.00 for Lunch Bunch until 1:00.  (Your child is welcome to stay for lunch any day, either on a regular basis or certain days. Just let the office know in advance) Please send fruit, vegetables, yogurt etc for your child to eat with pizza

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