Good Shepherd Christian Daycare and Preschool

The Department of Children and Families’ guidelines require childcare centers to adjust our mode of operation to accommodate the new safety regulations. Good Shepherd Christian Daycare and Preschool will open with the following changes for at least July and August.


The center will open for Staff and Children Only. No parent or visitors are allowed to enter our building. All of our enrichment classes are suspended for the time being. 


At Drop off: Parents will line up 6 feet apart outside of the school doors. There will be guiding markers on the ground for where to stand. You will bring your child to the door and the staff will walk all children into the center.

A health check is required every morning for all staff and children to enter the building. We will be using a ThermoScan thermometer to check body temperature and we will be also checking for any signs of illness. Once inside the child will be directed to the bathrooms to wash hands before going into their classroom. The health check staff will be standing behind plexiglass.

At Pick up: We will have the children use the bathroom, wash hands, collect their belongings and line up. We will be bringing each child to you at the door.

Every classroom and its staff will be a separate group. There will be extremely limited to no interactions between groups. We will have assigned times for playground and bathroom breaks. Of course if a child needs to use the bathroom at any time s/he will be taken to it. Luther Hall will not be used during the summer. 


Cleaning will continue to be of upmost importance. We will have an assigned staff that will go around at the top of every hour cleaning handles, light switches, and also cleaning the classrooms while the group is outside on the playground. The teachers will also be cleaning tables, chairs, bookcases and any toy that was used every two hours. We will be removing any toy that cannot easily be washed. For example, all soft plush toys and dress up.


All staff will be wearing a mask  for the entirety of the work day. Children are encouraged to wear a mask over the age of 3 years old. We will be, as part of our instruction, adding information for the children about wearing masks. If a child does not want to wear a mask we will encourage him/her and try our best to have them be comfortable in wearing it. We will not however force a child to keep it on. DCF has agreed that we should not be constantly touching a child’s face adjusting the mask. Masks will not be worn during naptime/rest time or in the playground while the children are very active.


If you should have further questions or concerns about these requirements or changes, please feel free to be in touch with me. We will continue with our fun theme weeks, science experiments, fun projects and encouraging a love for reading.

We, at GSCDC, do look forward to serving you and your children again and will make the summer the best experience possible for everyone!

Covid 19